Feb 16

Narwhals Have Good 2015

2015 was a good year for your OPEN Narwhals. Not quite great, but we had the most fun of any OMS team, as usual. Your Narwhals were in a very competitive OMS Championships pool meet in April, plus we were joined by our newest member, Robin Szmidt, who came over from Scotland to swim with us at the big meet in Corvallis.  Late Sunday we were edged out of first place and finished a very close second place in the Small Team Division.  In the OMS Open Water Championships in the summer, the Narwhals 6-year run of open water Small Team Championships ended when two other teams made a major effort to end our streak and we finished in 3rd.  We look forward to a great 2016 at the OMS Championships at T-Hills in April, and especially with the USMS LCM National Championship meet here in Oregon in August.

OPEN Narwhals: 2nd Place, Small Team Division

OPEN Narwhals: 2nd Place, Small Team Division


Jan 17

Narwhals Get 6th OW Championship!

The Summer of 2014 saw your OPEN Narwhals do it again-winning our 6th OMS Open Water Championship in a row at Applegate Lake! Well done Narwhals!


Jackie, John, Robin, & Caryl display our 6th Championship banner!

Jackie, John, Robin, & Caryl display our 6th Championship banner!


Oct 03

Narwhals Surprise by Winning 5th Open Water Title!

OPEN Narwhals win OMS Open Water Championship for 5th year in a row!

OPEN Narwhals win OMS Open Water Championship for 5th year in a row!

OPEN Narwhals were successful in their “Drive for Five!” by getting a surprising win in a very competitive small team division this year at the Eel Lake open water swim and 2013 OMS Open Water Championships. Dan, John, Jackie, Robin, and Charlie swam hard and placed high in their respective age groups to get the needed points for the win. Jackie missed the photo as she was having nap time in the car with baby narwhal Brooke. Lynn volunteered while she recovers from an injury and Keith was unable to attend this swim, but he said his spirit was with us!

Mar 03

Narwhals Swimming Hard This Winter!

As usual, Charlie has been swimming at all the winter meets so far this season with 3 more meets coming up before the OMS Association Championships in Bend on April 26th-28th.  Keith has been swimming every day while on his annual month long vacation in Australia and should also be in good form the the big meet. The last time the OMS Championships was held in Bend back in 2009, your OPEN Narwhals won the medium team division championship! We’re hoping for more good karma in central Oregon again in late April!

Charlie (left) catches his breath after a heat at the Canby Animal Meet 2011.

Charlie (left) with his trademark blue camo cap and suit will be ready for a big meet at the 2013 OMS Championships in Bend!

Mar 08

OPEN and OMS on TV!

OPEN on TV! February 2012: Check out this great video story that recently appeared on Oregon Public Broadcasting’s TV series Oregon Field Guide about open water swimming. OPEN members are all over the place in this great story filmed at the Eel Lake open water swim this last August. Here’s the link:


Charlie, John, Jackie, Keith, Dan, Lynn, and Robin are seen on land and in the water. OPEN swim caps everywhere!

Mar 08

The Official Site of the OPEN Narwhals Swim Team!

Welcome to the NEW website for the OPEN Narwhals Masters Swim Team!  Our site was the June 2010 USMS “Really Cool Website of the Month”!  This site will be even better!  Update your Favorites folder to opennarwhals.org!  REMEMBER–We have the most fun of any OMS swim team!!!   NAR-WHAL!

OPEN Narwhals are a member of the Oregon Swim Club, which is part of Oregon Masters Swimming, Inc. LMSC.